Why Us

Our treatments are reliable and affordable

We are the most trusted and affordable service providers in Burnaby. Thus, you can rest be assured that you would get a reliable hair-elimination, rejuvenations, as well as photo facial treatments in an affordable way.

All our treatments are result-focused

We adapt technology to our customers by making use of lasers with different intensities, wavelengths, shapes, as well as the interval of the light pulse to achieve the best result in hair elimination.

Individualized and customized treatment

We offer a personalized treatment to men and women according to the type of their skin and hair. Thus, you would get your treatment in a safe way, irrespective of the type of your skin and hair.

All our treatments obey Canadian laws.

We enforce medical care by the top medical capability, which meets the most rigorous principles of Health Canada rules.

Innovative treatment approach

We have vast experience and expertise in the industry with a modern approach to the laser hair elimination. Thus, you can treat your hair according to the modern trends.

Highly educated and licensed

All our hair removal specialists are highly skilled to offer hair removal laser treatments in a professional as well as in an affordable way. As they are duly certified by CSA, you can rest guaranteed that you would get your treatment according to the type of skin and your hair.

Rejuvenation Packages
Full Face

$400 for 3 treatments

Full Face & Neck

$650 for 3 treatments


$200 for 3 treatments

Hair Laser Packages
Full Face

$275 for 6 treatments


$169 for 6 treatments

Full Legs

$950 for 6 treatments


$275 for 6 treatments

Full Arms

$550 for 6 treatments

Full Legs

$950 for 6 treatments

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