How does laser hair removal work?

With the laser hair removal, you can bid farewell to the hassle of new hair growth. This is because the procedure will slowly stop the growth of hair in the targeted part of your body. The laser hair-removal method mainly focuses on the fact that melanin, contained in your hair follicles attract and take the light in. When the laser light is passed through the targeted area, it damages the hair follicles and prevents the new hair from growing.

Who is the right candidate to have the laser hair-elimination treatment?

Any man or woman who wants to eliminate the excess or unwanted hair from his or hair body parts can opt for the treatment.

Is the laser hair-removal treatment safe?

Usually, all treatments have their own benefits and side effects, so the laser hair-removal treatment is no exception. However, the treatment will carry only a minor side effect of offering a small damage to the cells of the skin. However, it can be easily reversed in many ways.

How many treatments will I need for hair removal?

You will need 6 -8 treatments depending on area. Some touch ups may be required due to medical or other medical reasons.

When will I see some results?

You will see roughly a 20% reduction per treatment.

How frequent should I do hair removal treatments?

6-8 weeks on the body and 4 -6 weeks on the face.

How many treatments will I need for skin rejuvenation?

4 - 6 sessions are recommended for great results. Treatment results vary with each individual.

How often should I do Skin Rejuvenation?

Every 3 - 4 weeks.

Are the treatments painful?

Most clients do not find the treatments painful due to the cooling system.

Rejuvenation Packages
Full Face

$400 for 3 treatments

Full Face & Neck

$650 for 3 treatments


$200 for 3 treatments

Hair Laser Packages
Full Face

$275 for 6 treatments


$169 for 6 treatments

Full Legs

$950 for 6 treatments


$275 for 6 treatments

Full Arms

$550 for 6 treatments

Full Legs

$950 for 6 treatments

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