Different types of lasers for hair-elimination treatments

Before choosing a laser hair-elimination procedure, it is always better and safe to know the type of your skin. This will allow you to take an informed decision for getting your desired results. This section educates you on the type of laser removal you have to choose according to your skin type.

Nd-YAG Laser

If you have dark skin, you can choose this laser procedure. This is because the procedure absorbs only less amount of melanin. Moreover, it is also the safest procedure to eliminate the superfluous skin.


  • The laser has longer wavelengths than other hair-eliminating lasers.
  • Suitable for dark skin.


  • As it takes in less melanin, patients have to undergo many treatment sessions.
  • Less effective and more painful procedure.

Alexandrite Laser

This laser procedure is suitable for those having olive skin. Here, lasers of longer wavelengths are introduced into the targeted area to eliminate the unwanted hair. It is used on an extensive variety of skin tones.


  • Quickest hair elimination procedure.
  • Capable of treating larger skin area quickly.


  • Patients may sometimes experience burns and skin discoloration.

Diode Laser procedure

Those who are having light to medium skin can get better results through this laser. Here, as the name suggests, a diode with a shorter and longer laser wavelength is used to remove the unnecessary hair from the targeted area.


  • Absorbs high amounts of melanin, so it needs lesser treatment sessions.
  • Lessens the hazard of skin damage.


  • Not guarantee for long-term effects, as no adequate information is available.

Therefore choosing the right type of laser for eliminating any unwanted hairs from your body mainly counts on the type of your skin. You can also seek the help of a certified dermatologist to know your skin type to choose the laser that best fits the type of your skin.

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